The Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation

ATBC 2008



03/29/2012 - This site is not active and has been archived

This website is not active anymore and has been archived by If you are seeking for information about the Association for Tropical Biology and Association (ATBC), visit See you there !


09/01/2011 - ATBC 2012 in Bonito, Brazil

The 49th Annual meeting of the Association of Tropical Biology & Conservation (ATBC) will be held between 19-22 June in Bonito Convention Center, Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The ATBC2012 meeting's theme is "Ecology, Evolution and Sustainable use of Tropical Biodiversity". The meeting will focus on the interface between ecology and evolution, stimulating discussion on ecological questions from an evolutionary standpoint, as well as potential applications of individual studies for the Sustainable use of Tropical biodiversity. Web


10/03/2010 - ATBC-SCB Africa 2011 in Arusha, Tanzania

Tropical biologists must now provide the knowledge needed to sustain humanity as well as nature in the tropical areas of the world” (ATBC 2010). Our research priorities should thus be to 1) understand the structure and maintenance of tropical ecosystems;2) evaluate human impacts on tropical ecosystems, and;3) study the social drivers of change and social responses to conservation. A significant proportion of the terrestrial area defined as the tropics is located on the African continent, yet none of the annual 47 ATBC annual meetings have ever been hosted in Africa. This anomaly in the history of ATBC will change however, with the 2011 meeting, which will take place in Arusha, Tanzania.


12/28/2009 - ATBC2010 in Bali, Indonesia

The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation is the world's largest professional society devoted to the furtherance of tropical biology and tropical conservation. It was founded in 1963 to promote research and to foster the exchange of ideas among biologists working in tropical environments. The ATBC published the journal Biotropica. ATBC has grown into a truly global organization with members from over 100 countries. In 2006, an Asia-Pacific Chapter was formed to further these objectives in this region, but the general annual meeting has not yet met in Southeast Asia. The 2010 annual meeting will be held between 19-23 July 2010 in Bali, Indonesia. Join ATBC.


09/01/2009 - This website is live but not active anymore

This website will not be updated anymore, will be closed and archived  by June 2010. If you are seeking for information about the Association for Tropical Biology and Association (ATBC), please, go to The 2009 ATBC meeting was in Marburg, Germany (Website). Next Annual ATBC meeting is in Bali, Indonesia (Website). ATBC2008 Association will however continue to organize scientific meeting such as FSD in France in 2010 (Website), in partnership with ATBC and GTOE. See you there.



08/19/2009 - Follow up of the Declaration fo Marburg in the media and internet

Scientists Say Vanishing Species must be Key Part of International Carbon Trading. Two leading scientific organizations today urged international carbon traders to help save some of the world's most endangered forests and wildlife. Meeting this week in Marburg, Germany, the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) and the Society for Tropical Ecology (GTOE) jointly issued a “Marburg Declaration”- Follow up of the Marburg declaration in the media and internet (pdf).

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